All Starconch Locations in Genshin Impact

Starconch Genshin Impact - Starconch is a Liyue local specialty that you can find on the coast of Liyue, from Yaoguang Shoal to Guyun Stone. For Genshin Impact players, collecting Starconch is important, especially for those of you who want to improve Childe and Yelan characters.

Starconchs are empty shells that are carried to the liyue beach by the tide. Put it to your ear, and you'll hear the sound of the ocean.

Just like other typical Liyue products such as Silk Flower and others, Starconch is also a character enhancement item in Genshin Impact. The number of starconch that you can find on Liyue beach is quite a lot, if you can take everything you can get 77 Starconch. In addition, you can also buy 5 additional Starconchs from the NPCs in Liyue.

77 Starconch Locations in Genshin Impact

All Starconch Locations in Genshin Impact

Well, for those of you who want to find starconch, you can follow the guide that I will share below. If you have the character Qiqi, it will be very helpful to find all the Starconch locations in Liyue. Because by bringing Qiqi in your party, you will find every location of Liyue's specialty products from your Genshin Impact mini map.

All Genshin Impact Starconch Locations

There are several places to find Starconch that you can go to. The northernmost location is the beach just below Starglow Cavern in Dragonspine. There are several Starconchs in the area scattered along the coast.

The main route to find Starconch you can start from the Yaoguang Shoal area, The South-East coast of Guili Plains, to Guyun Stone Forest. To clarify the location, I have also shared the starconch location map below.

all starconch locations in Genshin Impact

If you have taken all the starconch on the beach and feel that you are still lacking, you can come to your friend's world or other people to ask for their starconch. Of course, you need to ask permission first before taking starconch from someone else's world.

Buying Starconch at NPC Bolai in Liyue

Besides you can find Starconch on Liyue beach, you can also buy starconch from NPCs in Liyue Harbor.

Bolai himself is the owner of Wanyou Boutique located under the north pier of Liyue Harbor. You can buy 5 starconch at a price of 1,000 mora each for each starconch. And you can buy them again after three days from the first purchase.

How long is the Genshin Impact Starconch respawn time?

Like other Liyue items such as Silk Flower and others, it takes two days for the starconch to reappear on the beach. Only then can you retrieve it for collection.

That's the information about all the locations of the typical Liyue Starconch items that I can share with all of you. Hopefully it is useful and can help those of you who want to collect Starconch to raise the character Childe or Yelan Genshin Impact.


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