Xiao Genshin Impact Build, Best Artifacts and Weapons

Xiao Genshin Impact - Who doesn't know this Yaksha protector of the Liyue region? Yes, let's call it Xiao, Xiao is one of the playable characters that you can get through the banner wish event in the Genshin Impact game.

Although Xiao can be said to be an alama character or the oldest character in Genshin Impact, both in terms of release and lore, in fact Xiao is still a popular character in Genshin Impact that is in great demand. Xiao first appeared in Genshin Impact in version 1.3 in 2021.

Xiao has an aggressive, agile and niamis fighting style that makes him the main DPS character for the elements he carries. So that with his very unique fighting style that can attract the attention of Genshin Impact players to get it when the banner wish comes.

Well, for those of you who have gotten this character, maybe you need to build the right character, so that the resulting damage is good. Especially because this character is an old character, so it is also necessary to pay attention to the latest Xiao Genshin Impact build problems.

Xiao Genshin Impact Build

best build xiao genshin impact

Xiao is one of the Genshin Impact characters with the 5-star Anemo element with a polearm as his weapon. He is an Anemo main DPS character, or more precisely sustained main DPS. The term is used to refer to the way a character plays, which requires a long time in the battle arena. Other characters that are classified as sustained main DPS include Eula, Arataki Itto and so on.

In addition, Xiao is also a hypercarry character, which means he needs more investment to support the damage he does. As a hypercarry character, Xiao thankfully doesn't need a specific character in his party.

Xiao is the character with the highest damage output from Plunge Attack. In Genshin Impact, Plunge Attack has a slightly unique damage calculation, which depends on how high the character performs mid-air attacks, or when jumping high. This is listed on each character's talent, with the term low/high Plunge. Plunge Attack will also provide additional attacks, if a Plunge Attack hits the enemy's head.

Despite being the main DPS Anemo hypercarry that has high damage, it turns out that Xiao also has some weaknesses. One of them is the high energy cost. Therefore, he needs an Anemo battery character to solve the problem, so that his Elemental Burst is quickly filled. Because we already know, that the damage from Xiao's Plunge Attack attack must activate his elemental Burst.

The thing you also need to pay attention to when playing Xiao as your main DPS is that when Xiao's Elemental Burst is active, he will lose HP every second. However, the reduction of HP from his elemental burst does not kill Xiao. Therefore, don't forget to bring a healer in a party for Xiao.

In addition, Xiao also needs a shield or a character that can give him a shield. Xiao's Plunge Attack is quite vulnerable to attacks from enemies when he jumps. However, this only happens against certain enemies, so a shielder is not a must for Xiao's team.

Talent priority: Normal Attack > Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill

Xiao Genshin Impact's Best Weapon

Xiao best weapon genshin impact

  • Primordial Jade Winged-Spear - When hitting an enemy, increases 3.2% ATK for 6 seconds. Max. 7 layers. Can trigger every 0.3 seconds. When the stack is full, increases DMG by 12%.
  • Staff of Homa - Increases 20% Max HP, and provides an ATK Bonus of 0.8% of the user's Max HP. When the user's HP is less than 50%, the user will get an additional ATK Bonus of 1% of Max HP.
  • Calamity Queller - Gain 12% Elemental DMG Bonus for all elements. After launching Elemental Skills, you will get a Consummation effect that lasts for 20 seconds. This effect will increase 3.2% ATK every second and can be stacked up to 6 times. When the character wearing this weapon is in the party but not on the battlefield, the ATK Consummation increase will be doubled.
  • Skyward Spine - Increases 8% CRIT Rate and 12% Normal ATK SPD. In addition, when hitting an enemy, Normal and Charged Attacks have a 50% percentage to trigger a hollow knife that causes DMG in a small area of 40% ATK. This effect can trigger every 2 seconds.
  • Vortex Vanquisher - Increases shield strength by 20%. Attacks that hit enemies increase ATK by 4% for 8 seconds. Maximum of 5 layers. Triggers every 0.3 seconds. When protected by a shield, this ATK effect increases by 100%
  • Deathmatch - Increases 16% ATK and DEF when there are 2 or more enemies around the Character; If the number of enemies around the Character is less than 2, increases 24% ATK.

For the best weapon, it's the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. This weapon has been around since Genshin Impact was first released, even predating Xiao's official release. This weapon is specifically designed to meet Xiao's needs, and also follows Xiao's playstyle which takes a long on-fieldtime.

Alternatively, you can use Staff of Homa, Deathmatch, Calamity Queller, Vortex Vanquisher, or Skyward Spine. Besides being known as Hu Tao's signature weapon, Staff of Homa is a great option, and can even outperform Primordial Jade Winged-Spear under certain conditions.

One of the Battlepass weapons, the Deathmatch, is one of the better weapons that is easily available. It has a substantial Crit Rate and passive effects that are suitable for Xiao. The only downside to this weapon is its relatively small base Attack, when compared to other 4-star polearms.

Released alongside Xiao's rerun, Calamity Queller is surprisingly suitable for Xiao. It has the highest base Attack, which Xiao can maximize through its Elemental Burst, as well as the additional Elemental damage from its passive effect.

For Vortex Vanquisher, you need at least one shielder character to access its passive effect. Skyward Spine is also suitable for Xiao, as this weapon provides Xiao with a slight Crit Rate, as well as Energy Recharge. It just tends to do less damage than other 5-star weapons.

Xiao Genshin Impact Best F2P Weapon

Xiao Genshin Impact Best F2P Weapon

  • Blackcliff Pole - After defeating an enemy, increases 12% ATK for 30 seconds. Maximum 3 layers, and the duration of each layer is not affected by each other.
  • Lithic Spear - For each character in the party who is from Liyue, the character using this weapon gets a 7% ATK and 3% CRIT Rate boost. This effect can be stacked up to 4 layers
  • Favonius Lance - CRIT attacks have a 60% percentage to spawn a small amount of Elemental Particle that can restore a character's energy by 6 pt. Triggers every 12 seconds.
  • White Tassel - Increases Normal Attack DMG by 24%.

Aside from some of Xiao's weak mechanics, one of the problems he has is the lack of options for F2P weapons. For the best F2P weapon, you can use Blackcliff Pole. Alternatively you can use the Lithic Spear, Favonius Lance, and White Tassel.

To get the Blackcliff Pole, players will have to trade a certain amount of Masterless Starglitter at Paimon's Bargains, making it a weapon that takes time to obtain. Not to mention its rotation in the shop every two months.

For the Lithic Spear, players must use 3 other Liyue characters, to get the maximum effect from this weapon. This leads to inflexible team-building, just to get a little extra damage. Favonius Lance and White Tassel can be used if you really don't have any of the previously mentioned weapons.

Xiao Genshin Impact's Best Artifacts

best artifact for xiao genshin impact

4 Vermillion Hereafter Set

  • 2-Piece: ATK +18%.
  • 4-Piece: After casting Elemental Burst, the Character will gain a Nascent Light effect that will increase his ATK by 8% for 16 seconds. When the character's HP is reduced, it will increase their ATK by another 10%. The maximum increase that can be obtained in this way is 4 times. The effect can be triggered every 0.8 seconds. Nascent Light will disappear when the character leaves the battlefield. If Elemental Burst is launched again while the effect duration is still there, the initial Nascent Light effect will disappear.

2 Sets of Viridescent Venerer & 2 Sets of Gladiator's Finale

  • 2-Piece: Anemo DMG Bonus +15%.
  • 2-Piece: ATK +18%.

Xiao Genshin Impact's Best Team Composition

Below I also share Xiao's team composition that you can use in Genshin Impact.

Team Anemo and Geo, this team is quite popular among Xiao's main DPS, because Xiao will be spoiled with team compositions like this, starting from Elemental Resonance, healing, shielding, and also additional off field damage from Albedo. However, this team has a weakness, which is that it requires a lot of 5-star characters, and two of them are limited characters.

Team Anemo and Pyro, this team is quite F2P friendly, because three of them are 4-star characters that many Genshin Impact players may have gotten. This team takes Xiao as the main DPS, Sucrose as an energy battery for Xiao, Bennet as healing and buffer and Xiangling as sub DPS and Pyro Resonance to add additional ATK.

Thus the information about the Xiao Genshin Impact character build, hopefully it can help and can be used as a reference for those of you who are looking for the best Xiao Genshin Impact build. Don't forget to share it with all your friends. Thank you.


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