World Quest Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Genshin Impact

Guide Break the Sword Cemetery Seal - Hello friends, on this occasion admin xiao will share the world quest guide in Genshin Impact. This world quest guide is in Mondstadt, old players may have completed it from the beginning. However, for those of you who are new to playing, of course, you are still confused if you find a world quest with puzzles without any directions.

Well, as mentioned earlier, sometimes we find a quest but there are no clue indicators from the quest hint system to direct us. Take this Break the Sword Cemetery Seal world quest for example.

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Genshin Impact

In the Break the Sword Cemetery Seal quest in Genshin Impact, we are only told to explore and open the 3 layers of seals in Dadaupa Gorge. Actually, this quest is quite easy if you pay attention to the instructions from NPC Dr. Livingstone who is around the Dadaupa Gorge swamp. But, if you are still confused you can follow the brief guide in this article.

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal

No need to wait long, here I will explain the instructions for the world quest Break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Dadaupa Gorge Genshin Impact.

1. Interaction with NPC Dr. Livingstone

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Genshin Impact

First you can go to the Dadaupa Gorge area on the Mondstadt map, in that area there will be a swamp with several swords stuck in the middle of the swamp and a Luxurious Chest in it. However, there is a seal blocking the center of the sword graveyard.

To open the 3 seals, you need to ask a clue to an NPC around the area, you will find an NPC named Dr. Livingstone.

2. Explore and Unlock the Tri-seal

After you interact with Dr. Livingstone, you will be given instructions to visit three different Hilichurl settlements in the Dadauoa Gorge region. In all three Hilichurl camps, you just need to light up an Elemental Monument in each of the three areas. However, you also have to defeat some enemies at the camp you go to.

As for the three clues, you can see the explanation below:

Hilichurl Camp in the North

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Genshin Impact

You go north in the Dadaupa Gorge region, you will find the Hilichurl camp which according to historical records, the camp is a camp inhabited by the "Meaty Tribe" found in the work of a hebar scholar named Allen. They were a tribe that loved thick muscles and meat.

In this area, there will be a circular arena with an Elemental Monument in the center and several chests inside. 

Defeat 10 enemies in less than 2 minutes, after which light up the Elemental Monument using Cryo's elemental character.

Hilichurl Camp in the South

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Genshin Impact

The second clue you can come to the area south of Dadaupa Gorge. In that area is the "Sleeper Tribe" settlement, where the Hilichurl tribe will fall asleep immediately when night falls.

You only need to defeat the enemies around the Elemental Monument to be able to open the second seal. Use a character with Elemental Electro to power up the monument. And the seal will open.

Hilichurl Camp in the East

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Genshin Impact

The last clue you can go east of Dadaupa Gorge, there you will find the settlement of the "Eclipse Tribe".

Defeat some enemies in the Elemental Monument area, and light up the Elemental Monument using the elemental character Pyro. The final seal will open and you can retrieve the Luxurious Chest sealed in Dadaupa Gorge.

3. Obtain the Treasure at the Center of the Sword Cementery

Once all three seals in the Sword Cementery are open, then you go to the center of the Sword Cementery to pick up the Luxurious Chest in the area. And the quest is complete, you will get a reward for completing this world quest.

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Quest Prize

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Genshin Impact

The rewards that you can get after opening the Luxurious Chest from the quest are:

  • Achievement: The Best Sword in the Cementery
  • Primogem - 50
  • Northlander Claymore Billet - 1
  • Adventure EXP - 400
  • Mystuc Enhanement Ore - 6
  • Berseker's Indigo Feather Artifact - 1

Thus the Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Genshin Impact World Quest guide that I can share with all of you. Hopefully it is useful and can help you so that you can increase exploration in Genshin Impact.


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