How to Unlock Cecilia Garden Genshin Impact

How to Unlock Cecilia Garden Domain - Unlike the game in general, miHoYo as the developer of Genshin Impact offers a lot of puzzles. One of them is the puzzle in Cecilia Garden Domain in Genshin Impact.

Interestingly, to open this Domain players need to solve several puzzles. For that, Gamedaim Tips will share how to open the domain easily and hassle-free.

Just for the record, this domain is a place where players can get Milk Tooth materials for certain weapon Ascendions. This domain itself is a place to get Noelle's weapon material.

How to Unlock the Cecilia Garden Domain

how to unlock cecilia garden genshin

Basically, those of you who want to open this domain need to solve a few puzzles. Even so, the existing puzzles are not too difficult for you. Because, there are already several clues that you can find in this place.

Location of Cecilia Garden

how to unlock cecilia garden genshin

For its own location, Cecilia Garden Domain is located in the West of Mondstadt. This domain is adjacent to Andrius, one of the Weekly Bosses in Genshin Impact. For the record, you will find this domain in crystal form. However, this form will change if you have opened it.

Tips for Opening the Domain

how to unlock cecilia garden genshin

To open the Cecilia Garden domain, players must find 4 Seelies scattered in various places. Each Seeli will fill their respective positions in the available places.

Well, to get the last Seelie, you can look for it near the ruins around the domain. However, you can also use Elemental Sight to find the location of each Seelie.

After finding all the Seelies, you can directly open this domain using the Anemo element. You see, in the center there is an Anemo pillar that you can give certain elements to.

Afterward, you have opened the Cecilia Garden Domain and you can get weapon reinforcement materials. Of course, the way to open it is very, very simple and not too difficult. Because, you only need to find 4 Seelie scattered around the domain.

Not to forget that you will also open a new Achievement, namely Cecilia Garden.

Well, that's the way to open the Cecilia Garden domain in Genshin Impact. If you have any questions or whatever, don't hesitate to write them in the column we have provided, Traveler.


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