How to Open Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact

How to Open Spiral Abyss - Spiral Abyss is an important part of the Genshin Impact community. However, you cannot directly access this place if you are not at AR 20 and reach the island of Musk Reef in Mondstadt.

Spiral abyss can be considered as the final content for those of you who have reached the highest Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact. In this spiral abyss you can get various interesting prizes such as Primogems and artifacts.

The Spiral Abyss is divided into two parts, namely "Abyss Corridor" and "Abyssal Moon Spire". The first 8 floors are the Abyss Corridor section, after which you can enter the Abyssal Moon Spire section on floors 9 to 12.

And just like following the lunar cycle in other worlds, the Abyssal Moon Spire will reset itself twice a month. That is every 1st and 16th. Which will come with different effects.

Now, if you have reached Adventure Rank 20, you can enter the Abyss on the Musk Reef Genshin Impact island. For those of you who are confused, how to enter the Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact, you can see the review on how to open the Musk Reef Genshin Impact portal in this article.

How to Open Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact

How to Open Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact

Musk Reef is an archipelago located in the eastern part of Cape Oath on Galesong Hill, Mondstadt. Reaching the island of Musk Reef is the only way to activate the Spiral Abyss dungeon and participate in it. Please note, the Spiral Abyss dungeon can only be accessed after reaching a minimum of Adventure Rank 20.

How to Open Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact

To access the Musk Reef island, head to the end of Cape Oath and defeat some slime monsters there. After defeating them, it's time to look for the three blue orb-like Anemo Seelie.

1. Find the first Anemo Seelie

The third Anemo Seelie can be found on top of the steep hill to the south of the puzzle.

2. Find the second Anemo Seelie

The first Anemo Seelie can be found not far from the puzzle location, which is to the north near the trees.

3. Find the third Anemo Seelie

The second Anemo Seelie can be found at the end of the cliff north of the puzzle.

Once you have found all the Mysterious Seelie, the puzzle will be solved and a large vortex in the center will open. Jump into the vortex and enter the black portal at the top to access the island of Musk Reef. Here you can access the Spiral Abyss through the large portal in the center of the island.

And you will also unlock a new Achievement on your Genshin Impact account.

That's how to get to Musk Reef Genshin Impact island to open Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact. Hopefully it is useful and can help all of you. Thank you.


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