All Anemoculus Locations in Genshin Impact

 All Anemoculus Locations Genshin Impact - For those of you who are playing the Genshin Impact game for the first time, you will definitely find an adventure item called Anemoculus. We can find this Anemoculus on the Mondstadt Map, which is the map we first came to when we first came to teyvat. Or rather at the beginning of playing Genshin Impact.

We know that Genshin Impact is one of the most popular RPG games today. This multi-platform game is very much in demand. In Genshin Impact, we are not only focused on grinding in the game (developing game character levels), but here we also have to be able to increase the level of the Statue of Seven that is owned in each region.

All Anemoculus Locations in Genshin Impact

Anemoculus Locations in Genshin Impact

Now, for those of you who may still not know, what the Seven statue does, its function is to improve our character in the game. In addition to increasing stamina, each level increase in statue seven will also allow us to get a lot of additional prizes.

The prizes that you can get from upgrading the Statue of Seven are:

  • Stamina Points for characters
  • Adventure EXP
  • Primogem
  • Anemo Sigil

For the number of prizes itself, it varies at each level of upgrading the statue of the seven. You will know later if you have collected all the Anemoculus locations in Mondstadt.

After you know the function of the seven statues in Mondstadt, as well as the prizes, now the problem is how to upgrade the seven statues.

Actually, it's not difficult, so that the Seven statue in Mondstadt can increase to Max level, you only need to collect an adventure item called Anemoculus. As I mentioned earlier, this Anemoculus item is scattered in various locations in Mondstadt. Surely you don't know the locations? take it easy, because in this article I will share a guide to getting all the anemoculus in Mondstadt.

Anemoculus Genshin Impact

What is Anemoculus in Genshin Impact? Anemoculus in Genshin Impact is a special item that has a diamond-like shape with a wind symbol in it. The function of the item is to increase the level of the Statue of The Seven of the characters in Genshin Impact.

How many Anemoculus are there in Mondstadt? For all the total Anemoculus in Mondstadt there are around 66 Anemoculus. However, you only need to find 65 of them, because you can get 1 anemoculus after completing the quest from Lisa's character at the beginning of Adventure Rank 5.

To find this Anemoculus is also not easy! because it is scattered in various places on a fairly large map, so you need a guide to get everything. In addition, there are also those who need mechanisms in order to reach or take the anemoculus.

65 Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations

Here is a guide to all Anemoculus Genshin Impact locations in Mondstatd that I have shared complete with instructions on the image. Check out the details below:

1. Anemoculus locations in Windrise to Stombeare Point

anemoculus locations

In this first location which includes Windrise, Thousand Winds Temple, Starsnatch Cliff, Stormbeare Mountains and Stombeare Point, it is quite easy to find anemoculus.

However, at the 16th Anemoculus if you follow this guide, to the east of Starsnacth Cliff, you need to swim to a small area that is not visible on the Genshin Impact map. There is 1 Anemoculus that you need to take.

How to take the anemoculus in the area, you need to cross by using Kaeya's character. It seems impossible if you have to fly from the cliff side of Starnacth Cliff considering our character's stamina is still small. To cross with Kaeya's character, you only need about 7 minutes to get there.

Or maybe you can skip this 1 anemoculus first while increasing your stamina so you can fly from the side of the cliff.

2. Anemoculus locations in Springvale to Cape Oath

anemoculus locations

The next anemoculus location covering the area south of Springvale, Dadaupa Gorge, Cape Oath and Musk Reef, you can find anemoculus easily.

For the 25th anemoculus in Dadaopa Gorge, you can pick it up by flying from the east side. There is a fairly high cliff in order to take the 25th anemoculus. This is because in that area there is a barrier or barrier that you need to remove with certain mechanisms. However, you can still take it by flying from the side of the cliff in that area. For how to remove the 3 Seals in Dadaopa Gorge, you can read the article I have prepared on the World Quest Break the Sword Cemetery Seal.

anemoculus locations

In addition, on the island called Musk Reef, you need to activate the portal to get there first to easily reach it. Musk Reef itself is an island where the Spiral Abyss challenge that we can challenge every two weeks for floors 9 to 12. While floors 1 to 8 you can complete only once without a reset.

To activate the portal to Musk Reeft, you only need to find 3 anemo selie in the Cape Oath area. After you can find the three anemo selie, there will be wind currents that can fly you towards the portal in the sky. You can read How to Open the Spiral Abyss Portal in my previous article.

3. Anemoculus locations in Springvale to Wolvendom

The next anemoculus location covers the Springvale area, Dawn Winery, and the north of Wolvendom and its surroundings. You can find anemoculus easily.

However, for anemoculus number 34 in the Dawn Winery area, it might be difficult for those of you who don't know how to pick it up. The anemoculus is quite high above, you need to activate the mechanism of an anemo elemental monument in the area. You can see in the picture below.

After you take the anemoculus above, you can fly straight to anemoculus number 35 in the middle of the river.

4. Anemoculus location in Stormterrors Lair

anemoculus locations

The next location is in the Stormterrors Lair and Brightcrown Canyon area. If you are still early in the game, you might need a higher Adventure Rank level to get to Stormterror Lair. You need to increase your Adventure Rank level to Level 18 and run the advanced Archon Quest to open the Stormterror rail section map.

You can find Anemoculus in the area easily, but what is noted here or you need to pay attention to is anemoculus numbers 52 and 53.

In the 52nd anemoculus you need to activate the anemo element statue in the area to be able to reach the anemoculus above.

As for anemoculus 53 you can find it in a ruined building inside, you can see in the picture below.

One more thing, for the 58th anemoculus, you also need to activate the elemental monument anemo mechanism to be able to bring up wind currents in order to reach the anemoculus above. You can see in the picture below.

5. Anemoculus location in Cider Lake

anemoculus locations

For this last location, you can find a small island north of the city of Mondstatd or precisely at Cider Lake. You only need to fly from the side of the Mondstatd north tower wall to reach the location of the last two anemoculus.

The anemoculus are at the top, you need to activate the anemo totem so that the wind currents come out and take you to the anemoculus in the area.

So that's all the anemoculus locations that I have shared complete with image instructions so that you can find them easily.


That's the guide on how to find all the Anemoculus on the Mondstatd map that I can share with all of you. By upgrading the Statue of the Seven on the Mondstatd map, in addition to getting abundant rewards, you can also increase your stamina to make map exploration easier.

Hopefully this is useful and can help all of you. Don't forget to bookmark the XiaoGenshinImpact blog so you can find other interesting article updates.


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